Part-time comedian will run Miami housing agency

Gregg FortnerIn a fairly controversial move, Miami’s mayor has selected California’s Greg Fortner to run, and essentially save Miami-Dade’s highly troubled housing agency. The pick has raised eyebrows for two reasons: A) Fortner was recently ousted as San Francisco’s housing director due to poor conditions in a number of housing projects under his supervision. B) He’s a comedian.

According to the Miami Herald, “Gregg Fortner, who has said he began his public-housing career to make ends meet while he did stand-up in Los Angeles, will have to dig deep to find something to laugh about at Miami-Dade’s Public Housing Agency, the most troubled department in county government. Federal regulators took over the agency in 2007 after a Miami Herald investigative series exposed how county administrators doled out grants to politically powerful developers, who cashed the checks but never built the promised low-income housing.”

Is this still-working comedian with a checkered past the right man to turn it all around? Let us know what you think.

Brendan McLaughlin

Brendan is a comedian and writer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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