• “Party Down” movie talks progressing nicely, says show creator Rob Thomas

    Party Down
    photo by Jack Plunkett

    Dear reader: I learned two things in the past few days. First, if I didn’t already love the prematurely canceled Starz program Party Down, this past weekend confirmed it. Second, we all must cross our fingers for the Party Down movie talks to continue to go well so they can begin filming next spring.


    My beloved Alamo Drafthouse theater in Austin hosted the cast and crew (stars Adam Scott, Ken Marino, Lizzy Caplan, Martin Starr, Megan Mullally, and Ryan Hansen, as well as creators Rob Thomas, Dan Etheridge, and John Enbom) for a screening of the entire series over a 10-hour period, bookended by two parties. In other words, there was lots and lots and lots of drinking and merriment.

    The highlight of the event (aside from seeing Adam Scott perform an amazing air guitar rendition of the solo in George Michael’s “Faith”) might have been the cast and crew question and answer programming following the completion of the first and second season, where creator Thomas announced – much to our delight – that conversations about developing a Party Down movie are headed in the right direction.

    Aside from the fact that a movie would be hilarious (guys, just think of the party possibilities!), a movie in this vein would also undoubtedly be fulfilling for the cast and crew.

    According to Thomas, its presence on a premium movie channel – and smaller ratings expectations – meant the cast and crew had the freedom to explore a different side of life and take more chances.

    “More successful shows tend to be shows about people winning,” Thomas explained, “and this is a show largely about people not winning.”

    That realistic quality and niche appeal meant that the project was truly special to the cast, and explains, in part, why the group’s tight-knit lovefest was evident to anyone in attendance of this weekend-long Party Down party.

    Said Adam Scott, “One of the reasons we get along so well is that when we started it, and even in the second season when Megan [Mullally] came on, none of us five was ever given a big deal – we were just doing it because it was fun.”

    Fun for the cast, fun for the crew, ridiculously fun for the audience – this is a recipe for comedic success. Cross your fingers, everybody.

    Carrie Andersen

    In addition to writing for Laughspin, Carrie is a graduate student in Austin, Texas, where she researches popular culture, new media, music, and social movements. When not reading or writing in any official capacity, she spends her time playing the drums, watching crappy TV, and eating copious amounts of tacos and barbecue. She also blogs sporadically at carrieandersen.com.

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