• Party Down’s Lizzy Caplan joins Zooey Deschanel in “New Girl”

    Fox’s New Girl starring Zooey Deschanel is a huge hit, but apparently one hipster dream girl at a time isn’t enough for some viewers. The show is bringing in Party Down’s Lizzy Caplan for three episodes.

    Caplan will guest star as Julia Baker, a new love interest for bartender Nick Miller—played by Jake Johnson—who has been struggling to get over a breakup. Julia is highly educated and refined (as opposed to “adorkable”), and her plot line, according to the Hollywood Reporter, will involve Nick’s anxiety over how the “perfect” woman that he met at an art gallery might react to his slobby roommates after she meets them at a party.

    Adding Caplan is great news for New Girl viewers, even if she’ll be on the show for only a brief arc. Meanwhile, Party Down fans who have been jonesing for a Lizzy Caplan fix will have something to tide them over while they wait for movie version of the prematurely-canceled Starz series to surface.

    And remember, Caplan is starring with Community‘s Alison Brie in an upcoming comedy flick.

    Paul Ciampanelli

    Paul Ciampanelli recently transplanted from New England to Los Angeles in order to be at the heart of the comedy scene in the City of Angels. A longtime comedy fan, he was watching reruns of The Kids in the Hall on Comedy Central and listening to George Carlin and Robert Klein albums with his folks at the age of 11. In addition to writing, he studies improv and sketch at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. He also likes apples, cartoons and cats. Meow!

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