• Paul Scheer graciously answers our absurd questions (Laughspin interview)

    You might know Paul Scheer as Andre from cult favorite series The League or Trent in NTSF:SD:SUV::, which just launched a new season last night on Adult Swim! Maybe you know him as Robby Z in last season’s Burning Love. And if the name doesn’t ring a bell, look him up. We’ll wait. Because you definitely know who he is.

    A few weeks ago, Scheer held a live taping of his podcast, How Did This Get Made?, at Subculture in New York City. Along with his cohosts June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas and their surprise guest, Saturday Night Live‘s Bobby Moynihan, they dissected Sylvester Stallone’s Over The Top and Demolition Man. The following are Paul Scheer’s awesome answers to my silly questions about bad movies and the future of his podcast.

    how did this get madeHave you ever seen a movie that’s so bad that it made you cry? (I saw American Dreamz when it came out in theaters and I teared up just because it was that bad. No movie should have both Mandy Moore and terrorism)
    Nothing has made me cry because its that bad. But then again maybe I’m just not in touch with my emotional side. The closest I’ve come to tears is laughing so hard at a movie (not with it) that the theater managers offered to refund the audience’s money because Scott Aukerman, June, Kulap [Vilaysack, co-host of Who Charted?] and I couldn’t keep it together during Old Dogs.

    Who’s your dream guest?
    The dream guest would have to be someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously. Stallone would be great. Joss Whedon also awesome and Steven Soderberg.But I’d love to get more directors and actors to talk about their experiences on set or their first movies.

    Interview podcasts are a huge thing right now and HDTGM breaks that mold. What other podcasts do you suggest that aren’t your typical question and answer podcasts?
    The Best Show on WFMU; [host] Tom Scharpling is a genius and his work with Jon Wurster is not to be missed. Download some Best Show Gems NOW! I also love the iFanboy comic podcast. They break down the comic books of the week. It’s so good. It’s like Cliffs Notes for comics. Gelmania and Jon Daly’s Rafflecast are both amazing. They are bringing comedy podcasts to the next level. They’re so well produced and each episode is more insane than the last. Radiolab is just awesome, but you know that. And I’m a big Fan of The Fogelnest Files where Jake Fogelnest takes you through weird clips from the Web that he’s curated. Also Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast is great!

    If you could back a movie with another movie’s soundtrack, what would you choose to mash up?
    Beverly Hills Cop and Fast and Furious 6.

    Your podcast has evolved over time. No more life lessons from June. Are you going to make any changes soon?
    In the beginning we received some notes from Earwolf to segment the show. So we experimented with little moments. But in the the end we found it disrupted the flow of the conversation and by the time we got to the segments we already covered it in a more natural way. The biggest thing for me is to make the podcast feel like you’re listening to a conversation and not a show.

    What shitty movie is most deserving of a sequel, just because it would be funny?
    Hmm, I’m going with my gut response.I feel like it would be Stop or My Mom Will Shoot..Again. The new movie would find Stallone in Florida visiting his mom and busting a drug ring run by seniors.

    What really bad movie should Raffi and Dirty Randy (from The League) make into a porno? What would the porn name be?
    I’ll just say, Old Dogs. And we’ll call it Old Dicks. It’s a gay porn with only seniors. Or, Drive Cocky; it would be a porn of Drive Angry with just people fucking in cars. Oh wait, that’s Crash.

    Tune in to new episodes of How Did This Get Made? every Tuesday. NTSF:SD:SUV:: airs every Thursday at 12:15 am on Adult Swim and The League on FXX returns Sept. 4.


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