• Perez Hilton claims Amy Schumer career was a ‘moment’

    Amy Schumer and Perez Hilton are beefing out in the open and people are paying attention to the latest celebrity feud. Hilton, a celebrity gossip blogger, made a video post on Instagram this Monday promoting a new episode of his podcast. In a video preview clip, he and his co-host Chris Booker discuss the comedian’s recent call for Maroon 5 to drop out of the Super Bowl halftime show and her statement that she will not be appearing in any Super Bowl commercials this year. In the post, he states the Trainwreck star’s “career has stalled.”

    Hilton clarifies in the video, “I love Amy Schumer, but I doubt anybody was knocking on her door to do a Super Bowl commercial this year. This is not her year. She’s not Tiffany Haddish.”

    Booker, who appears very indignant towards the I Feel Pretty star, claims the Emmy Award-winning comedian and Tony-nominated actress (who also boasts a Peabody Award and was nominated for two Grammys) had “a moment.” The hit sketch comedy show Inside Amy Schumer thrust her into stardom in 2013. This year Spotify paid her a boatload of money just to do a podcast. $1 million is a lot of money for a podcast from someone who had a ‘moment’ in the past tense.

    These facts didn’t stop the internet’s most popularly hated celebrity blogger from agreeing with his co-host. “She had a moment. I don’t think she’s going to be starring in too many movies as a lead moving forward.”

    Schumer, who recently announced she is pregnant with her first child, wasn’t having it. “Who said my career is on hold. I’m touring all of November and January…Please some assume we disappear when we are pregnant. Quite the opposite. Much love!”

    In her own Instagram post, the New York Times best-selling author elaborated on her support for Colin Kaepernick and other players silent protest of police brutality and racial injustice. “People going on and on about how much you don’t care about my stance on the nfl sure are talking about it a lot.” She called on ‘people’ to ‘do something’ instead of throwing shade at her for trying to make a difference. Schumer’s post was paired with a screengrab of Hilton’s comments regarding her allegedly ‘stalled’ career, possibly suggesting the writer is one of those ‘people’ who should step up.


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    People going on and on about how much you don’t care about my stance on the nfl sure are talking about it a lot. Instead of being critical of me, i have a crazy idea, how about you trying doing something, anything to help the gross inequality in our country. My contribution is so useless to you guys? Then Why don’t you make one. Do something. Did you know slaves are mentioned in our anthem? Well look it up you snarky trolls. I did an old navy campaign one year then a bud lite campaign the next. This year I said I wasnt up for doing any because I am horrified by the violence and treatment of people of color in our country. It’s a small way of putting my money where my tiny mouth is. The fuck are you gonna do? Step up. Goes for you too yahoo sports hosts who I’ve met. For someone you care so little about you sure do like to talk about me a lot. I think you like me 💋what are you doing to help? I’m doing a lot more than this. But what a great message we could send if other artists passed on any super bowl exposure too. If my act of protest makes you feel attacked. That’s about you 🍯

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