• Pete Holmes Show canceled by TBS, but Conan O’Brien is still his hero: Read Pete Holmes’ letter to fans

    Conan O'BrienTBS has canceled The Pete Holmes Show. The half-hour late night talk show/sketch show hybrid with host Pete Holmes only lasted seven months and had a strong fan presence on social media, but the ratings were not where TBS wanted them to be. The Pete Holmes Show last received a 13-week pick-up in January after airing 28 episodes before going on a brief winter break and things were looking bright. Holmes, who loves making super hero-themed sketches like The Ex-Men and Badman, was up against a crowded late night battlefield including Chris Hardwick’s Comedy Central show @midnight (which boasts 218,000 Twitter followers to Holmes’s 151,000), The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Late Show with David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel Live!. This is the second TBS show starring a Conan O’Brien talent, with Deon Cole’s Black Box only lasting six weeks last summer. The Pete Holmes Show will air its final episode on June 19 at midnight on TBS.

    Holmes took the news in a typically upbeat positive way that his mentor Conan O’Brien did when he lost The Tonight Show. Holmes posted an optimistic letter to his fans on his Facebook page Friday night calling his experience at TBS “a dream come true.” The letter emphasized his gratitude to the people working on the show, O’Brien giving him a chance and to his fans for being loyal “Weirdos.” He also hinted that although June 19 is the end of his show on TBS, “this is not the end,” saying that he will figure out where is style of show best fits. There’s still an opening at 12:30 over at CBS…

    Here’s Holmes’s Facebook post to fans:

    Dear friends,

    Sadly, The Pete Holmes Show has not been renewed for more episodes. I know! Frowny face emoticon!

    I just want to let everyone know that while the news isn’t what I was hoping for, my main takeaway from this entire wonderful experience is extreme gratitude.

    We got to make eighty (eight-zero! Sometimes filming as many as 19 in ten days!) episodes and I am extremely proud of each and every one of them. I talked to and worked with my heroes. I met incredible athletes and filmmakers. I shook hands regularly with a puppet. I got to work everyday in a magical chocolate factory of joy side by side with some of my best friends laughing and being silly all day. And then I got to share it with our fans. It was an absolute dream come true.
    I want to thank Oren Brimer and Nick Bernstein for their incredible work and for pouring their hearts into this project every single show, our incredible writers, my other half Matt McCarthy, editors, producers, CONACO, crew, guests, and INCREDIBLE audiences. And I’d especially like to thank Steven Koonin, Michael Wright and everyone at TBS for making my dream come true — thank you!

    Above all, I’d like to thank my hero Conan O’Brien for giving me this show and in a very Golden Girls-y way, I’d like to say thank you for being a friend. Conan was hand-on, available and supportive every step of the way. And still is for whatever we do moving forward. What an absolute dream come true! Thank you Consies O’Breezies.

    Doing this show has changed my life for the better in uncountable ways. We’ve learned so much. We laughed a ton. And we had an absolute blast doing it.

    Just in case you think I’m being too positive, I want you to know that I’m not a crazy person. I’ve felt every discernible emotion since hearing this news. I let that in and rolled with it. It lasted a few hours and still pops its head in every once in a while out of nowhere. But I find that when you let gratitude in, it swells up and pushes all the other feelings out. And rightfully so. It was a great experience from start to finish, and I have nothing but love and thanks for all involved.

    Thank you!

    Now please keep watching! We are on until June 18 and have a TON of great stuff coming up: More Realistic Marios, live magic, two new episodes of our 18 Kids and Counting parody Kid Farm, an interview and 4am Thoughts with Ray Romano, a brand new New Material Seinfeld, new Ex-Men and closing it all out, a sad (appropriately!) song from Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchison!

    One last note about the future! I feel like we’ve been given a calling card, a body of work that survives past this show being on the air. I feel a little silly, like Braveheart or something, screaming, “THIS IS NOT THE END!” But it’s not. We are going out to see where our style fits and makes the most sense and in what way. I feel like we lost our bowl, but we’re still some pretty fucking delicious soup. Just floating around. You know, like soup. Flying, delicious soup. I’ll keep you posted on available bowls.

    Lastly, THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! The response from the fans was incredible. Thank you a billion. And in case this new makes you sad, here is one of my favorite videos we got to do on the show to cheer us all up. (It worked for me).

    With love and thanks,
    Petey Pants

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