• Peter Farrelly tells stories, reveals tidbits about Dumb and Dumber sequel

    Peter Farrelly, with his brother Bobby, has made many outstanding comedy classics that have earned him a huge fan following. The brothers broke out when they wrote and directed the timeless hit Dumb & Dumber back in 1994. They followed up with Kingpin, There’s Something About Mary, Me, Myself, & Irene, Hall Pass, The Three Stooges, and others. The pair have been working on the long-awaited sequel to their first film, filming Dumb and Dumber To in Atlanta. Peter Farrelly recently did an Ask Me Anything Q&A on Reddit and shared some fun stories and exciting updates. Check out a few of our favorites!

    Dumb and Dumber To is wrapped and he’s excited!
    Just finished shooting. “[I] don’t want to brag, but it could be the best movie of all time.” It’s currently scheduled for a Nov. 14 release, but the filmmakers are pressuring the studio to move the release date up, possibly for a summer launch.

    Expect cameos of epic proportions.
    If you thought the never-ending celebrity cameos towards the end of Anchorman 2 were jaw-dropping, wait until you see this sequel. Farrelly claims they “have some of the greatest cameos in film history in Dumb and Dumber To. However, we want to keep them as a surprise!” The Internet is great at spoiling surprises for people, but don’t believe everything that you read online. “I will say this, some of the names I’ve seen bandied about are incorrect,” he continued. “But you won’t be disappointed.”

    The Most Annoying Sound in the World? That was all Jim.
    There’s a hilariously poignant scene in Dumb and Dumber where Jim Carrey’s character drives a man crazy by making what he believed was the most annoying sound in the world. A user by the name of GarrulousGolfer asked how many takes it took before even the crew lost their minds. He answered, “That wasn’t a scene. It was improv. Watch it again. When Jim says “hey!” Jeff Daniels looks confused at first, then starts smiling because he knows Jim is going to do something hilarious. Everybody’s actions in that scene are ad-libbed.”

    Peter Farrelly is not a fan of South Carolina.
    No, not because of Tea Party Republicans. The writer/director described a time he was driving down to Florida for spring break and got pulled over by a South Carolina state trooper at 3 am. “He smelled stuff in the car, recognized that my license had been doctored to say that I was older than I was, and had me going an 85 in a 60 mph zone. Basically, I was screwed,” he recalled. “To make a long story short, he took all the money I had one[sic] me (150 dollars) and I had to hit every happy hour for the next two weeks to get free food.”

    Bill Murray is apparently excellent at improv and kissing.
    One user asked how much of Murray’s dialogue was improvised in Kingpin. Farrelly responded, “Bill Murray pretty much made up every line of dialogue he said in the film. He would look at the sides, then throw them away and wing it. Every time it was better than what was written.” Farrelly also saw the Ghostbusters star’s other talents on set. “I saw him making out with a few extras – he really knows what he’s doing.”

    A lot of people worry about sequels to their beloved films not holding up well to the original flick. /u/RealPeterFarrelly reassured, “Stop worrying. It’s good.”

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