• Phoebe Robinson to New York Comedy Club: Do better than booking alleged abusers

    2 dope queens phoebe robinson2 Dope Queens star Phoebe Robinson has had ‘enough’ of comedy clubs letting alleged rapists on stage. Robinson took to Instagram late Wednesday night calling out New York Comedy Club to “do better” after an “alleged rapist” was also on the night’s line-up.

    Robinson was booked to perform on the 9:00 show at New York Comedy Club’s 24th Street location on Wednesday evening. In the video, she shares that she chose not to perform when she arrived and saw that another comedian booked on the show was an alleged rapist. T.J. Miller, who was accused of assault in 2017, performed on the show.

    From the club’s website, the show was set to feature stand-up from Robinson, Mark Normand, Rosebud Baker, Ryan Schutt, Lawrence Deloach, Chris Scopo, Kase Raso, and Miller.  The club shared on Twitter that Miller would be a part of the 7:00 show, but did not promote the line-up for the 9:00 show on Twitter.

    TJ Miller has been accused of sexual assault, though he denies the allegations

    Miller was accused of sexually assaulting and punching a woman while in college. The accusations surfaced at George Washington University at the time of the alleged assault, but the accusations picked up steam in 2017 in the midst of the #MeToo movement. He publicly denied the accusations after they were made public.  

    Phoebe Robinson calls for comedy clubs everywhere to ‘do better’

    Robinson captioned the video, “Do better, comedy clubs, because I’ve had enough.” In the video, she does not name the alleged rapist. In her words, she states that “there [was] a surprise drop-in comedian and he is an alleged rapist, so I left… comedy clubs, of course, there is no HR, but we have to do better. We can’t have alleged rapists, sexual predators, abusers performing on the show. It is not safe for the comedians. It is not safe for the audience. It is fucking disrespectful to the victims. Enough is enough.”

    The author and comedian says in the video that she is getting back into stand-up after publishing two books, You Can’t Touch My Hair and Everything is Trash, but It’s Okay. Her mega-hit podcast, 2 Dope Queens, ended in late 2018, but the queens are still set for four more HBO specials due out next month.

    Miller has been touring and promoting his shows by offering free tickets to federal workers and recently lent his voice to the Kingdom Hearts III video game and an upcoming film titled Underwater. Miller has not made a comment about his shows at New York Comedy Club or Robinson’s video at the time of this posting.

    Laughspin reached out to New York Comedy Club for comment. This story will be updated as it develops.

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    Do better, comedy clubs, because I’ve had enough.

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