Photo challenge: Can you name everyone in Chelsea Handler’s posse?

The easiest way to judge whether a television show is successful is to take a look at its ratings. The higher, the better if you didn’t know. Another tell-tale sign a show is doing well: when a completely separate second show about the making of the first show is created, and then aired for a season, and then picked up for another season.

That’s the case with After Lately, one of many cogs in Chelsea Handler’s media empire called Borderline Amazing Productions. And the second season premieres Sunday, Nov. 27 at 11 pm ET on E! The show takes viewers behind the scenes of Chelsea Lately. It’s there we get to know the show’s writers and producers—not to mention celebrity guests from Handler’s main show. This year After Lately will feature appearances from the Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl, Jennifer Aniston, Jay Leno, Reese Witherspoon, Jenny McCarthy, Jane Fonda, Sharon Osbourne and more.

But more important than the guests, are the peeps in Chelsea’s posse. Can you name them all in the photo below? Are you a true Chelsea fanatic? Leave your answers in the comments section.

No cheating…


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