Photo: Rob Huebel like you’ve never seen him

We can’t tell you exactly what the context of this exclusive photo is, but we can tell you that beneath the festive garb seen below is the usually clean-cut Rob Huebel, he of Human Giant and Childrens Hospital fame. So, what the hell is Rob doing? He and many comedy cohorts are in Puerto Rico shooting the upcoming flick Welcome To The Jungle, which, as far as we know, has nothing to do with Axl Rose. However, it does have everything to do with a tropical company retreat, which goes very, very wrong.

The movie boasts a stellar cast, including Kristen Schaal, Dennis Haysbert (“Fuck you, Jobu.”), Adam Brody and get this– Jean-Claude Van Damme, in his first ever on-purpose comedy. You can track the production of the flick through their Twitter feed @W2TheJungle and their Facebook page.

Laughspin Staff

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