Picnicface: sketch comedy you should know about

Some of you may remember Picnicface from a video that went viral back in 2007 about a fake energy drink known as Powerthirst. Well, up in the frigid, white north, Picnicface just finished off the first season of their half-hour sketch show of the same name. The series airs on Canada’s The Comedy Network, which features most of Comedy Central’s original programming along with some Canadian additions; the biggest stand out of those is Picnicface.

With a uniqie take on sketch comedy, taking inspiration from Tim and Eric, Monty Python and Canada’s own Kids in the Hall, Picnicface shows a lot of promise as an intelligent, quirky, dark, but extremely well-rounded sketch show. Word on a second season is still up in the air, but a DVD collection of the first season is set to release sometime next year. So keep an eye out for Picnicface, America. It’s some of the best comedy Canada has to offer right now.

Dave Emrich

While not slaving away and working his fingers to the bone for Laughspin, Dave plays drums with his band Mark It Zero. He also writes comedy and is a frequent tweets @daveemrich. Dave is a huge fan of video games, rye and exotic meats – he also sets a DVR because The Daily Show airs too late for his infantile sleeping habits. Dave works in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada in Marketing and Advertising and thinks OJ was guilty.

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