• Playboy releases digital interviews from Tina Fey, Jon Stewart, Steve Martin and more!

    You know, Playboy isn’t just about parading out a gaggle of naked, gorgeous women, you guys. They’re also about the articles— some of which have featured the greatest names in comedy over the past 50 years. And to prove it, and to add a modern, tech-savvy bent to their iconic publication, this week Playboy is releasing a series of comedian interviews, exclusively through Amazon’s Kindle Store.

    Interviews with Jon Stewart, Jerry Seinfeld, Steve Martin and Tina Fey have already been made available. And tomorrow, Howard Stern will cap off “Funny People Week.” During the month, Playboy also released a handful of other interviews that comedy fans would dig: Lorne Michaels (from May of 1992) and the original cast of Saturday Night Live (from May of 1977), as well as Seth MacFarlane, Matt Groening, Trey Marker and Matt Stone are all represented.

    Each title is 99 cents and is available only through Amazon. Go here to search for your favorite funny folks.

    Dylan P. Gadino

    Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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