Popular Tumblr blog is being made into a television show, and so is another one

Scoring network television deals from your Twitter account is so 2011, you guys. The totally hip thing now, is using your Tumblr to get those highly-coveted opportunities. It’s happened two times this week, alone.

First up is 20-Nothings, based on the Hollywood Assistants blog created (only FIVE months ago!) by Lauren Bachelis (pictured to the right), who’s worked as a Tinsletown intern and an assistant of various types. CBS bought the idea for the show and has enlisted Fred Savage as the show’s director and showrunner. Bachelis will hang in there to write and act as a supervising producer (whatever that is).

A study of the Tumblr finds a series of GIFs that illustrate headlines written from the prospective of a Hollywood assistant, as in “WHEN I HAVE TO GET LUNCH WITH SOMEONE I DON’T REALLY KNOW” or WHEN I FLIRT WITH A COLLEAGUE DURING A MEETING (all caps, indeed). Beyond the Tumblr not being incredibly funny, insightful or endearing, it doesn’t even seem like it’s well traveled. It’s rare that a Hollywood Assistant post has more than 10 “notes” (which if you know anything about Tumblr, is a measly amount) and the blog’s corresponding Twitter feed has slightly over 2,500 followers— again, that’s nothing compared to say,  writer Kelly Oxford, who had hundreds of thousands of followers before she landed multiple Hollywood deals. It was obvious why LA wanted Oxford— she was already funny and talented and had attracted a huge amount of fans without the push from a Hollywood machine. How Hollywood Assistants is in development for a network series is a bit baffling.

On the other hand, the posts found on Emma Koenig’s FuckImInMy20s Tumblr boasts hundreds and many times thousands and, on the rare occasion, even tens of thousands of “notes.” A recent graphic titled “A Tally of Disappointment (all the times you’ve let me down)” garnered more than 74,000 reactions from the site’s dedicated following. In August, Koenig (pictured above) even released a book featuring some of the site’s more popular entries. In short, Koenig has already proven she could build a brand around her personality without a team of suits behind her. And that’s why it makes sense that NBC has put a show based around the blog in development.

Who knows if either will ever see the light of day, or if any logic laid out above will have any effect on each show’s success. One thing is for sure: Today there’s a whole bunch of Tumblr page creators thinking, ‘Why not me?’

Dylan P. Gadino

Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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