• Rachel Bloom, Moby, Elizabeth Banks sing ‘Holy Sh*t (You’ve Got To Vote) for Funny Or Die (VIDEO)

    What do Rachel Bloom, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Naya Rivera, Paul Scheer, Moby, Elizabeth Banks, Jane Lynch, Adam Pally and Adam Scott have in common? Well, in addition to all being talented entertainers, most of them in the business of comedy, they would all like it a lot if you went out and voted this coming Tuesday, Nov. 8. Holy Shit, do they want you to vote. For Hillary Clinton.

    To prove it, they teamed up with Funny Or Die to record and shoot this emotional song titled, naturally, “Holy Shit (You’ve Got To Vote) to encourage would-be non-voters to get out to the polls. Led by musician, actress and star of The CW’s brilliant comedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Rachel Bloom, this gaggle of stars drop a set of R-rated “We Are the World” type verses.

    You just can’t help but get choked up when the gang sings, “And it really doesn’t take a genius or a rocket scientist to know / When your rocket’s a fucking racist / That racist rocket will explode” And we can’t seem to shake the patriotic spirit inside us ever since we heard, “Donald Trump his human syphilis / we can be the antidote / so Holy fucking shit you’ve got to vote” sung as if by a thousand beautiful, non-insane and well-educated angels.

    Check out the video below. And get out and vote! Holy Shit!


    Laughspin Staff

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