Rachel Feinstein, Brendon Walsh, more featured as comedy innovators

Daily BR!NK, a site dedicated to profiling up and coming innovators — think Internet developers, quirky foodsmiths, activists, scientists and the like — dedicated a week to the types of folks we’re obsessed with 24/7– comedians. And they obviously did their research, choosing these five funny makers to feature: Brendon Walsh, Chelsea Peretti, Sara Schaefer, Rachel Feinstein and Ron Funches.

I have to say, I enjoyed each of the interviews so I thought Laughspin readers would like to see a few excerpts. Oh, and accompanying each interview is a set of original photos you’ll probably want to check out. In the below chunk of copy, Walsh, the LA-by-way-of-Austin comic who’s become increasingly visible over the last few years, remembers one of the oddest jobs he had in Austin.

I had this friend, Shawn, who worked for this guy who was an event planner, and sometimes there would be extra money left in the budget and they did this circus-themed party one time, and he paid my friend to be a drunken clown at the party. And one time for a Spin Magazine party during SXSW, he wanted two drunken clowns. He asked my friend Shawn if he knew anybody and Shawn called me and I was like, “Yeah, that sounds great, what do I have to do?” and he said, basically, go rent a clown suit and let’s get drunk and go to this party and harass people. So I was in.

That first party was amazing. There was a line of people around the corner and we show up, and we’re fucking tipsy drunk, and we walk to the front of the line and the guy’s like, “the clowns get in,” and they open the rope and we go into this amazing party in the basement of this office building. And then we proceeded to just go around and be complete assholes to everybody and then we each got paid!

And Feinstein reveals that some of the best career advice she’s ever gotten was from the late Greg Giraldo, who told her to stop trying to sound so smart. He also encouraged her to embrace brevity. She explains it below.

I was insecure about not having a college education. I wanted people to perceive me as intelligent. I was trying too hard to sound like I knew what I was talking about. I probably used the words wrong, too.

I ramble on; I tell these stories. I had to shorten my jokes, and those are harder when you’re a storyteller. Don’t be married to every part of the story — be willing to shed things and find the funniest parts of what you’re saying. The best stuff is always sprinkled with humiliation. A lot of jokes start with something that makes you uncomfortable, for you or someone else.

You can read all of the full interviews of the aforementioned comedians on Daily BR!NK.

Dylan P. Gadino

Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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