• Rain Pryor doesn’t approve of Richard Pryor biopic: No one desires to know the truth (Exclusive)

    While comedy fans rejoiced today due to both Oprah Winfrey and director Lee Daniels confirming Mike Epps will play iconic comedian Richard Pryor in an upcoming biopic, Pryor’s daughter Rain doesn’t share the excitement, and for good reason. “I don’t approve of the biopic period,” Pryor told Laughspin upon being asked what she thought of Epps being cast as her father. “And no one has bothered to check the facts or ask for them, because no one desires to know the truth. As far a Epps, whatever.” Winfrey is reportedly set to play Richard Pryor’s grandmother, an allegedly abusive woman who worked raised the comedian while she worked as a madame.

    The comedian and actress took to her Facebook page just moments ago, seemingly expanding on what she told Laughspin. Rain’s full post is below:

    My great grandmother Mama was indeed a fowl mouth Madame. She was also protective of my father and us, and wouldn’t hesitate to knock a man or woman out for crossing the family line. I loved Mama and I feared her because she wasn’t one to trifle with.

    My father used to tell me how much I looked like her, and how much my honesty must have directly come from her as well as him. Mama Marie Richie Carter, was one of the strongest woman I knew, who left a mark on my life for the positive.

    All I know is this, As soon as you allow outsiders to dictate to the world who your father was and the women who raised him; you have allowed them to betray your ancestor. I won’t stand by and allow this.

    My older siblings and I knew her and spent 9-11 years of our lives with her. When those who seek the truth ask, we will gladly share.

    Judging by Mike Epps’ post earlier today, Pryor’s wife Jennifer gave Epps her blessing:


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    Dylan P. Gadino

    Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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