• Real Housewives uses stand-up comedy as a plot point, like other reality shows before them

    We’re guessing that most dedicated Laughspin readers don’t make a habit of tuning in to any of the Real Housewives shows on Bravo. We’re not judging; we’re just saying it’s likely not the same demographic. So, chances are you missed last night’s episode of the Orange County arm of the franchise. In it, Slade (Gretchen Rossi’s boyfriend) decides he can perform stand-up comedy– you know, because any moron can do comedy, right? So, he takes the stage at the Improv in Irvine, and of course its complete shit (watch the video below; oh, and that’s Gretchen above, almost naked, introducing her slimy boyfriend).

    The most annoying thing about last night’s episode, is that this isn’t the first time some shit reality show has used the art of stand-up as a plot point. In October of 2010, washed-up actor Harry Hamlin tried stand-up on TV Land’s Harry Loves Lisa. In December of 2009, the contestants of the Bachelorette were challenged to perform stand-up comedy to win the heart of some moron; that took place at Jon Lovitz’s club in LA. And going way back to cycle 6 of American’s Next Top Model, producers forced tall, hungry women into comedy classes with the well-respected Groundlings improv group.

    The only cool thing about the episode last night is that real comedians, Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura (who, by the way, are married) got a few seconds of screen time. So, reality show producers: Can you stop using stand-up on your programs? Maybe some of your “stars” can take up archery; we promise to tune in if you promise to air footage of bleach blonde, fake-titted 40-year-olds nursing a few dozen puncture wounds.

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