11 comedians who are more conservative than you thought

Stand-up comedians, as well as the rest of the entertainment industry, are typically seen as liberals and anti-Trump. Although you probably saw many popular comedy stars campaigning for Hillary Clinton in 2016 or encouraging a blue wave during last week’s midterm elections, it’s not common you see celebrities defending President Donald Trump. On Sunday, November 4, a pro-Trump Deplorables” comedy tour kicked off in Dallas with a show the following night in Houston. (Note: Two shows do not a “comedy tour” make, but we won’t get hung up on semantics for the moment.) On the flip side, comedian Dennis Miller just said he wants to distance himself from the right.

In a time when being political means jeopardizing your fan base, what does conservative comedy actually look like? Mostly different versions of white, straight men. Here are 11 well-known comedians who’ve aligned themselves with the right.

Tim Allen

The Last Man Standing star attended Trump’s inauguration and last year compared being a Trump-supporter to being in 1930s Germany.

Owen Benjamin

Owen Benjamin is a conservative comedian banned from Twitter and from performing at some colleges. He talks about it with Alex Jones on InfoWars.

Roseanne Barr.

Unless you’ve been in a coma, this needs no explanation.  

Sam Hyde

The white supremacist supporter tweeted his belief in Pizzagate, called Lena Dunham a “fat pig,” and thinks Patton Oswalt “killed his wife.” In 2016, his show on Adult Swim was canceled.

Adam Sandler

The 100% Fresh comedian keeps his political views close to the vest, but donated more than $2K to Republican Rudy Giuliani’s 2007 presidential campaign. Since then, he’s been evasive of questions about his thoughts on the current President.

Nick DiPaolo

Nick DiPaolo calls himself “center-right,” believes PC culture is ruining America, and was fired from SiriusXM earlier this year for tweeting, “Dear future school shooter, please confine yourself to coll. campuses, specifically faculty lounges at Berkeley, Fresno State etc.”

Kirstie Alley

Cheers actress Kirstie Alley was a supporter of Trump before the 2016 election but has been silent on the issue since.

Adam Carolla

The podcast darling has called himself both a Republican and Libertarian. Though he seemed more “anti-Hillary” than “pro-Trump.”

Larry The Cable Guy

The Blue Collar Comedy Tour star was vocal about his pro-Trump views during the election. Before Trump took office, the comedian said he knew Trump wouldn’t employ nepotism like other politicians. Trump’s daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner both received top advisor positions in the White House. He’s poised to pin the Presidential Medal of Freedom on the wife of a major GOP donor.

Nate Bargatze

The Tennessee native all but said he’d vote Donald Trump in his 2016 Tonight Show set.

Rob Schneider

Adam Sandler’s dear friend switched from the Democrat to the Republican party in 2013

Emily Winter

Emily Winter has written for The New York Times, The New Yorker, NPR's "Ask Me Another," TV Land, Fusion TV, Glamour, and The Barnes & Noble Review. Her standup comedy plays on SiriusXM, and she runs two Time Out Critics' Pick comedy shows in Brooklyn, BackFat Variety at Union Hall, and Side Ponytail at Friends and Lovers. She also hosts the podcast How To Produce Live Comedy, and her work has been profiled on The TODAY Show, The AV Club, Buzzfeed, Lifehacker, and more.

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