• Ricky Gervais on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is a perfect comedy moment (VIDEO)

    There are few regular late night guests funnier and more consistent during appearances — Bill Burr on Conan or Marc Maron on just about anything both come to mind – than Ricky Gervais. And the veteran comedian, writer and actor’s time on last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was no exception, especially during Fallon’s game Random People, Random Questions, in which regular folks out on the streets of Manhattan ask Fallon and his guest questions apropos of nothing.

    In this latest installment Gervais and Fallon field questions like, “Which of the seven dwarves do you most identify with?” And “What breed of horse do you ride?” And, “What is the worst thing about getting older?” which, unexpectedly, is the question that likely made Fallon sorry he asked Gervais play Random People, Random Questions in the first place.

    See how it plays out below and then see if you can’t get a certain phrase out of your brain for, like, the next two weeks.

    I’m not super interested in analyzing the living hell out of a comedian’s appearance on a late night talk show, but let me say this: Too often, one of these appearances turns into a plug fest filled with a smattering of semi-forced laughs. The result is that I find it sometimes difficult to get into the groove of watching late night television. Gervais reminds me of how these should be– more spontaneous and lovingly crass. More of this, please!

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    Dylan P. Gadino

    Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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