• Ricky Gervais outlines his plans for hosting the Golden Globes

    There are few people unaware of the controversy cause by comedian, writer, actor and podcaster Ricky Gervais during his hosting gig at the Golden Globe Awards last year. Anyone who was not familiar with the comic and his sense of humor previously, got a big taste of it and there were many in the industry who were displeased. Much to everyone’s surprise and despite announcing that he would never again host, Gervais was tapped to bring his insults back to the award ceremony this year and he agreed.

    Gervais recently sat down with Today host Matt Lauer to discuss his past experience on the show as well as what is to be expected at the show on Jan. 15.

    When asked if the person we see on stage is truly who is or if he is playing a character Gervais admits, “The guy on stage is a lot brasher, more arrogant, more confident than me. I take a deep breath and go out with swagger.” Gervais is fully aware certain things he plans to say may not be taken well by an audiences and battles in his head about that beforehand, though he admits the controversial side typically wins.

    “Well every time I do that, every time I go out live, every time I do TV, every time I do an interview, I always think I can say the wrong thing. The thing with me is there’s always two people inside me going say it, it’ll be alright. While one’s going why would you say that? Why take the risk? It might be funny. You might be hero. But you might be living in a car.”

    According to Gervais, there have been no restrictions placed on him this time around, despite the negative press caused by his performance last year.

    “I don’t know what I did wrong, really. What did I say that was untrue? I made a joke suggesting that Charlie Sheen might like a night out. I said that Robert Downey Jr. spent some time in clinics. And he did. I’m not judging him by that; it’s a joke,” said Gervais.

    He plans to do it his way despite any potential consequences and he is not allowing others to be aware of what he is going to say. This will probably works best in favor of ratings for the ceremony with viewers tuning in to see just what comes out of the comedian’s mouth this year. Despite his previous promise, Gervais says this will be the last time at least for a while so we can probably expect him to not hold back hopefully creating what will be another memorable. and actually watchable, award show.

    The Golden Globes air at 8 pm ET Jan.15 on NBC.

    Chelsea Dallas Falato

    Chelsea spends her days employed by a small entertainment company in New Jersey making mix CDs while listening to comedy podcasts. Her nights are spent watching more television than any one person should. Also, she's on Twitter (@chelseadallas).

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