• #RIP Jennifer Lopez trending worldwide: Death hoax is dumb but South Park’s Jennifer Lopez treatment is classic (Video)

    Jennifer Lopez Twitter death hoax South ParkJennifer Lopez is the latest celebrity to be treated to a Twitter death hoax, which is why, as we write this, #RIP Jennifer Lopez is currently trending worldwide. Lopez joins the ranks of celebrities like Hugh Hefner, Usher, Jon Bon Jovi, Jeff Goldblum, Zach Braff and many others who have been unceremoniously put to death via social media. But the truth is Jennifer Lopez is alive and well, still shacking up with her much younger boyfriend Casper Smart. On Saturday she spoke at the 25th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in L.A., revealing personal details about her gay aunt.

    “I’ve always felt a tremendous love from the LGBT community and the LGBT community has always supported me and returned that love,” Lopez told the crowd after accepting a GLAAD award. “Marisa was my cool aunt. She was my mom’s older sister and she lived in New York City. I lived in the Bronx and she lived in Manhattan, it was like worlds away! She wanted to be an actress and I always wanted to be like her. Marisa grew up gay in a time when it meant life could be very difficult and that her struggles were mostly kept t herself.”

    But we’ll always lovingly remember Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s hilarious treatment of Jennifer Lopez in season seven. We’d like to believe the pop star has a good sense of humor about these things. So in honor of Jennifer Lopez’s Twitter death hoax, let’s check out the Taco-Flavor Kisses clip from South Park!

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