Rob Delaney will self-release his first stand-up comedy special

Comedian and Twitter star, Rob Delaney is following the lead of Louis C.K., Aziz Ansari, and Jim Gaffigan by selling his own original content for download via his website, Live At The Bowery Ballroom will be available for download on Sept. 4 The cost: $5.

The special was culled from 10 consecutive shows Delaney performed this past Spring in New York City. Delaney’s special cost under a fifth of what it took Louis C.K. to produce the $250,000 Live At The Beacon Theater.

Though Delaney has a Twitter following 555,000 coupled with a decade of stand-up experience, he’s still making a name for himself in the comedy world. The truth of the matter is, it’s unclear if Delaney’s online fan base will come through for him in terms of his paying career — he is not (yet) a house hold name like Louis C.K. and he’s not recognized from television appearances like Ansari (Parks and Recreation).

“All signs point towards this being a good decision, and we will soon find out if it is,” Delaney says about the decision to directly sell his special online. “There’s no way to fail. What’s bad? I have to go do more stand-up to make more money? Great. There’s nothing I’d rather do.”

Delaney calls this venture “phase 2 of the test” — the “test” being applying his Internet popularity to his stand-up career. Delaney tells the New York Times that “phase 1” was translating his online fame into a stand-up tour along the West side of the states, to San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, and San Diego, having previously sold out dates in London. Delaney hopes that if his special succeeds in making profit, more people will become inspired and “empowered” to create their own work and distribute it themselves.

Check out an interview Laughspin editor Dylan Gadino did with Rob around the time of the special’s recording.

Samantha Simon

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