• Robert Duchaine: ‘Offensive…And Not In A Good Way’ (Review)

    Comedian Robert Duchaine’s new album Offensive…And Not In A Good Way is a candid, blunt look inside of the mind of a veteran, workhorse comedian. A touring comic who’s a regular in rooms throughout Las Vegas, Duchaine began a career as a stand-up after realizing that the normal working world was not the place for him. And based on his off-kilter, purposely careless sense of humor, it’s easy to see why Duchaine would never survive as an office drone.

    Offensive, released by Uproar Entertainment, puts on display Duchaine’s strong pacing and writing skills, which calls back stand-up acts from the past with a tone not seen with many of today’s so-called alt-comics. He’s got a strong, clear point of view, which becomes obvious from the first track “Serial Killers” — “You never see a woman serial killer; I think that’s because women generally like to kill one man, slowly.” —  to his last bit titled “Amputated,” about a bill be received from his dead doctor.

    Duchaine quickly establishes a good relationship with his audience, though the mood occasionally borders on uncomfortable due to his no-topic-too-taboo philosophy. He actually earns a short groaning break (you’ve heard of applause breaks, right?) when a joke’s punch line ends with him attaching a newborn baby to his key chain. And he’s not afraid to tease the audience about their reactions or to assure them he’s well aware of some of their feelings.

    Robert Duchaine — “Drug War” by Laughspin

    If occasionally-offensive humor isn’t your thing, this album isn’t for you. With that said, open-minded comedy goers will likely enjoy Duchaine’s offering. And fans that favor cringe comedy, might even think Duchaine is a bit derivative and doesn’t go far enough. You can make your own decisions by downloading it from iTunes or snagging it from Amazon.

    Chelsea Dallas Falato

    Chelsea spends her days employed by a small entertainment company in New Jersey making mix CDs while listening to comedy podcasts. Her nights are spent watching more television than any one person should. Also, she's on Twitter (@chelseadallas).

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