• Robert Schimmel’s family creates fund to help his kids

    Robert SchimmelA little over a month ago, comedian Robert Schimmel died in a horrible car accident. Fans knew him for his brilliant, often filthy material, and for the funny, enlightening way he wrote about his battle with cancer in his book, Cancer On $5 A Day.

    What fans might not know is that the accident that claimed his life also injured two of his children, who were in the car with him. More specifically, his 19 year old daughter Aliyah was critically hurt, and doctors say it could take her a year or possibly more to recover from the very serious brain injuries suffered in the accident. Schimmel’s first wife has stopped working to care for her daughter full time.

    The Schimmel family has set up a fund to help Aliyah and her brother, Jacob recover. The comedian was in bad financial shape before the accident, had only a small amount of life insurance, and with his death the family lost their health insurance. Any donations would be greatly appreciated to help this family deal with giant, giant medical bills during this difficult time. To help out, go here.

    Brendan McLaughlin

    Brendan is a comedian and writer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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