• Robin Williams Time magazine cover: eBay user wants $10,000 for misprint. What do you think? (Poll)

    Everyone dealt with the death of Robin Williams differently. Some of us cried. Some of us watched every Robin Williams movie we could get our hands on. And some of us registered a new eBay account and tried to make money off the world’s loss of an icon. Well, that’s what eBay user “Warnecathe” did, anyway. It’s true.

    “Warnecathe” registered for an account on Aug. 21 and uploaded one item— the issue of Time magazine honoring the life of Robin Williams. But this copy boasts a printing imperfection, resulting in a pale interpretation of the comedian’s form. “After Robin Williams’ tragic death, Time magazine honored the beloved actor/comedian in the Aug. 25, 2014 issue. This particular copy bears a mysteriously misprinted cover that features a ghostly Robin Williams,” the seller writes in the item description. “During his life, Robin Williams was known for his practical jokes, so it is typical of him to continue his jestful ways by appearing as a ghost on the cover of Time magazine.”

    I love how the seller tries to make it sound like selling this thing at auction is some sort of selfless way to honor Robin Williams and not just a really lazy, sleazy way to make $10,000. Times are tough, I get it. Maybe the seller is out of work and desperately needs some fast cash to feed a family. But this is truly desperate and truly wrong.

    An eBay user is trying to make $10,000 by auctioning off a misprinted Time magazine that shows Ro… in Laughspin.com's Hangs on LockerDome

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    Dylan P. Gadino

    Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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