• Rosie O’Donnell and Jim Breuer duke it out on Sirius XM

    Rosie O’Donnell and Jim Breuer recently had an intense guessing game competition at the Sirius XM studios.

    But they weren’t alone. Rosie and friend Jeanne-Weenie vs. Jim Breuer and fellow comedian Pete Correale duked it out, while satellite radio host and comedian Pete Dominick played moderator.

    The competition? A high stakes game of strategy and wit. One partner had a secret word that they would give a one word clue for so the other partner could guess the original word. Sounds sort of confusing, but it’s really not.

    The full show airs on Thursday at 1 pm and 5:00 pm EST on Raw Dog Comedy, SIRIUS channel 104 and XM channel 150, but you can watch a video excerpt below, because we love you. Get ready for banter!

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