• Russell Brand Jeanine Pirro Response Video … Comedian Calls Fox News ‘Fanatical Terrorist Propagandist Organization’ Following Judge’s Rant Against Barack Obama

    Jeanine PirroFox News does not exactly have the best reputation as a cable news network. But when Russell Brand heard Judge Jeanine Pirro’s crazy opening monologue from her new show Justice, the comedian apparently decided he was “mad as hell and not going to take this anymore.” So Brand did what any posted a scathing video comparing Fox News to terrorist organizations.

    This Russell Brand feud all started when Jeanine Pirro slammed Barack Obama for his efforts to combat terrorism. Among other things, Pirro claimed the President “didn’t have the balls” to try terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay. She then cited a report from the conspiracy website WorldNetDaily that claimed American forces were secretly training rebel troops from Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). And she certainly had a very interesting strategy for dealing with ISIS.

    “Americans have shed enough blood there,” Jeanine Pirro said. “My resolution: air strikes. Bomb them! Bomb them! Keep bombing them! Bomb then again and again!”

    Watch Jeanine Pirro’s crazy anti-Obama rant below.

    Russell Brand then responded with a rant of his own. The comedian opined that Jeanine Pirro’s bombing strategy would only create more terrorists in the Middle East.

    “When they do these bombings, it creates more insurgents, that’s what creates them,” Russell Brand said to Jeanine Pirro. “Don’t think of a bomb as going down there and destroying stuff, think of it as like a seed that goes into the ground, and grows insurgents out of it, it creates more terrorism, doing it.”

    Russell Brand particularly took issue with Jeanine Pirro calling ISIS a “fanatical religious terrorist organization.”

    “So is Fox News,  a fanatical terrorist propagandist organization,” Russell Brand said in his video. “This isn’t reasonable, is it? Like the way she’s talking? ‘Bomb them! Bomb them!’ She’s worse … She’s the savage, she’s totally espousing savage values.”

    And Russell Brand eventually concluded that Fox News was “more dangerous” than ISIS.

    “I’m not being just sensational, that is more dangerous than ISIS,” Russell Brand said of Jeanine Pirro’s rant. “That attitude. ‘Cause that’s far-reaching. That’s affecting millions and millions of people.”

    Watch Russell Brand’s Fox News rant below.

    For the record, Russell Brand is an equal-opportunity mocker when it comes to cable news networks. Last year, the comedian hijacked a segment on the MSNBC talk show Morning Joe. When the various hosts mocked him and called him by the wrong name, Brand took matters into his own hands, reporting the news himself and showing the workers how to do their job. Brand later claimed he planned to be polite until he encountered “rudeness from the crew” and realized the true nature of the show.

    “When I landed in my chair, on camera, and was introduced to the show’s hosts – a typical trident of blonde, brunette and affable chump – it became clear that, in spite of the show’s stated left-leaning inclination, the frequency they were actually broadcasting was the shrill, white noise of dumb current affairs,” Russell Brand wrote about his MSNBC interview.

    Watch Russell Brand hijack MSNBC’s Morning Show below.

    Melissa Siegel

    Melissa Siegel is a writer and journalist based in a suburb of New York City.

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