Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Dictator’ beds Megan Fox in first trailer

It’s been three years since we last found Sacha Baron Cohen lampooning popular culture and politics in that half scripted, half way-too-real way he’s mastered ever since the success of his Ali G. Show on HBO a decade ago. But this summer, Cohen returns with The Dictator, a comedy centered around — you guessed it — a fictitious dictator who tries his best to keep democracy far away from the country he’s oppressing.

The cast boasts an impressive list of comedy stars, including John C. Reilly, Anna Faris, B.J. Novak, JB Smoove and Aasif Mandvi. Add to that list, Oscar winner Ben Kingsley and Megan Fox and you have yourself a recipe for, well, one fucked up movie. How fucked up? We get a taste today as the first trailer has been released. Check it out!

Laughspin Staff

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