• Santa Clarita Diet family faces new challenges in Season Three trailer

    Santa Clarita Diet returns to Netflix for Season Three and the new official trailer hints at some juicy plot twists to sink your teeth into.

    In the trailer, realtor-turned zombie Sheila (Drew Barrymore) and her still-human husband Joel (Timothy Olyphant) face a whole new set of questions surrounding their new lives together. Will daughter Abby (Liv Hewson) get fed up living with her blood-hungry mom? Is the ‘Bewarew The Knights Are Coming’ sign on the door a warning from the Knights of Serbia? And how soon after you kill someone is appropriate to have sex? With a theme of True Love Never Dies, the San Fernando Valley couple-next-door may be in it for the long haul.

    Santa Clarita Diet ended its 10-episode Season Two with a cliffhanger, as the police close in on the couple for the murder of their neighbor, Gary. However, Gary is not actually dead. He is undead—or at least his severed head is.

    Unfortunately, in Season Two, Sheila also ate some clams from Serbia that exacerbated her condition. Mystery couple Paul and Marsha destroy the clams. Showrunner Victor Fresco previously mentioned that Season Three will delve more into this mysterious couple. Do they have their eyes out on the Hammonds and not just the clams?

    While critics generally praise the show, some critics and viewers have commented on its excessive gore. The show, featuring mounds of flesh, is definitely not for the faint-hearted. However, it is for the light-hearted with its jaunty take on…cannibalism.

    Santa Clarita Diet Season Three debuts all 10 half-hour episodes on Netflix on Friday, March 29.

    Mary Stevens

    Mary Stevens is a stand-up comedy enthusiast. She is a huge fan of live stand-up comedy and produces a show in her backyard in Hermosa Beach, CA. Her show has featured comics from Netflix, Comedy Central, HBO, Showtime and SNL, as well as up-and-coming comics. She is active on Twitter and Instagram @hermosabchmary.

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