• Album Review: Sara Schaefer soothes the soul in Live Laugh Love

    Sara Schaefer comedy album Live, Laugh, LoveWhen you first look at the cover art for Sara Schaefer’s second comedy album Live Laugh Love, you would think you were about to listen to an Elizabeth Gilbert-esque sage tell the story of how she embarked on an internal, spiritual breakthrough that’s universally relatable to a wide audience.

    However, after listening to the Virginia-born comedian’s hour-long set, you will experience something more enjoyable and possibly more soothing for the soul than any potential self-help seminar.

    In fact, by the end of the album, the listener will indeed accomplish the three actions Schaefer pokes fun of throughout the live recording: they will live a unique life by briefly walking in Schaefer’s shoes; they will laugh at her witty observations and insights; and ultimately, they will love the time they’ve spent exploring the world through her eyes.

    Schaefer, a 16-year veteran of the industry, demonstrates a natural ability to immediately win over an audience, whether it’s through her witty spoken word or her guitar-centric musical interludes. When it comes to her songs, it’s not about nailing high notes or making sure her strumming is perfect. Rather, the exercise serves as a subheading would for a writer: as a means to transition from one topic to another in a way that gains (and keeps) the audience’s attention and favor.

    With Live Laugh Love, the technique is masterfully executed.

    Whether the Emmy-winner is examining the political landscape of our nation, re-evaluating her social media presence, or rationalizing her consumption of possibly tainted romaine lettuce, Schaefer tackles issues in a way that not only makes for a humorous and entertaining experience but an informative one as well.

    There’s also an admirable honesty interwoven throughout her material, a quality that allows her to safely tiptoe through political landmines that would serve as massive pitfalls for other less savvy comics in the business. When she spends an extended period of time exploring the circumstances surrounding her trip to Hobby Lobby, she does so with a laughable, tongue-in-cheek tone that immediately disarms any potential counterpoints possessed by a political adversary. Also, the introspective conversation actually helps the listener to not only understand her viewpoint but also possibly acknowledge and accept an intelligent point of view that differs from their own.

    Overall, Live Laugh Love is an intelligent and overwhelming engaging sixty minutes of comedic playfulness. The former late night host is a master at her craft and, whether it is through her words or her music, she accomplishes a feat many gurus and self-help experts seek through their various seminars, talks, and programs: overwhelming success.

    Sara Schaefer’s Live Laugh Love is available now in stores and on digital platforms.

    Nicholas C. Martinez

    Nicholas C Martinez is a New York-based screenwriter, journalist and voice actor. His goal: to write a great Green Lantern movie. Follow him on Twitter @mongonyc. If you have a story idea or just want to send him a comment, shoot him an email.

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