• Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special: Laughspin’s favorite moments

    Sunday night’s Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special was a huge success, delivering NBC a ratings smash with 23.1 million primetime viewers. Countless celebrities and Saturday Night Live alumni were invited to perform on the three-and-a-half hour telecast. Other celebrities attended the event just to sit in the studio audience. The special included replays of classic SNL moments, new material and reenactments of old sketches.

    We saw Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase, members from the original cast of Not Ready For Primetime Player, perform and do monologues. Comedian Chris Rock gave a touching tribute to the legendary Eddie Murphy, who returned to the sketch series for the first time since he left the show in the 80s. Lorne Michaels was celebrated every other moment by members of the cast during sketches and monologues. New cast members Pete Davidson and soon-to-be Ghostbuster Leslie Jones introduced a montage of past cast members’ audition videos, including some auditions by comedian who Lorne Michaels passed on like Jim Carrey and Kevin Hart. We even got to see Bradley Cooper make out with Betty White.

    Saturday Night Live truly honored its 40-year history at NBC with just the right amount of catchphrase callbacks and new material using old favorites. Here are some of our favorite moments from the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special.

    Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler perform “That’s When You Break”

    Will Ferrell returns to host Celebrity Jeopardy

    Wayne’s World returns with Top 10 list

    Weekend Update with Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Jane Curtin

    Chris Rock honors Eddie Murphy

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    Billy Procida

    Laughspin editor-in-chief Billy Procida is a stand-up comedian in New York City. He hosts The Manwhore Podcast where he talks to women he's hooked up with about sex, dating, and why they didn't work out. Reach him on Twitter.

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