• ‘Saturday Night Live’ Parodies Iggy Azalea! Watch Video Of ‘SNL’ Spoof Of Azealia Banks Feud (VIDEO)

    Saturday Night Live took aim at Iggy Azalea in a hilarious parody. The SNL skit also featured parodies of Azalea’s rival, Azealia Banks, and the Australian’s mentor, T.I.

    The SNL parody featured a mock talk show hosted by “Iggy Azalea” (played by Kate McKinnon). McKinnon nailed Azalea’s thick Australian accent before launching into a rap verse.SNL Iggy Azealia

    Of course, there wouldn’t be Iggy Azalea without T.I. so McKinnon’s character then introduced her mentor, played by Jay Pharoah. “I created her,” he said. “She’s my Franken-fine.”

    “T.I. isn’t rap so fun?” “Iggy Azalea” replied in this SNL parody. “You know what else is fun? Feuds! I’m in a new feud like every day.”

    Indeed, Azalea has made headlines for her feuds with fellow rapper Azealia Banks. Banks has called out the Australian for her cultural appropriation and refusal to comment on African-American issues. So it was no surprise that the Saturday Night Live version of Iggy Azalea invited her “top feud friend” to join the talk show.

    “Azealia Banks,”(played by Saturday Night Live’ Sasheer Zamata) admitted she only came on The Iggy Azalea Show because she thought Azalea would apologize. “Azalea,” for her part, then put Banks’ hat on her own head so they could be “twinsies.”

    But the fun really began when “Iggy Azalea” announced her second guest, Rafti Jones (played by SNL guest host Chris Hemsworth). Jones was another mentor of “Azalea,” and the two gave hip hop tips to the studio audience. “When you don’t know what to do, make a gun sound,” “Jones” said in this Saturday Night Live parody.

    Other advice from “Iggy Azalea” and “Rafti Jones” in this SNL spoof included using random lists of items, like “sweet potatoes, bang bang, Lisa Lang.”  Or,  when all else fails, just twerk.

    “When your mouth gets tired of rapping, let your booty do the talking,” Hemsworth’s character concluded on Saturday Night Live before twerking with “Iggy Azalea.”

    “Azealia Banks” refused to get involved with the twerking and list-making. But as for the real Banks? She was quite impressed with the SNL parody.

    Watch Saturday Night Live parody Iggy Azalea below.

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    Melissa Siegel

    Melissa Siegel is a writer and journalist based in a suburb of New York City.

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