• Saturday Night Live recap: Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga

    Dominique Strauss-Kahn enters jail, and is confronted by two prisoners who are incredibly knowledgable and politics. Strauss-Kahn doesn’t say anything as the two debate- which I suspected might lead to a “I’m French. I don’t speak English” kind of thing- but it never happens. It does, however, end with a prison rape joke.

    Justin explains that he is aware people expect him to sing while hosting the show. He says that is GaGa’s job, and that he discussed this with Lorne Michaels, who insisted Justin should sing. Justin says he needed to explain it to Lorne in a way he would understand… and goes into a song detailing the many typical Timberlake things he will not do.

    Say what you will about Justin, but that man can sing. And dance. And act. And do comedy. And look good.

    The same sketch as always, with Timberlake playing an art teacher who accuses the school principal of endangering the students. I kind of hoped, since this is the finale, Herb would actually die this time, instead of just faking it. That sounds really harsh, but he’s a fictional characters, so I guess it’s okay.

    SNL DIGITAL SHORT: 3-Way (The Golden Rule)
    The Dick in a Box boys return, leaving the other mothers (Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson) and chatting. They both have a hot date, and it turns out to be the same lady (Lady GaGa, to be precise.) They decide to have a threeway- thus the song’s chorus, “it’s not gay in a threeway.” The costuming is particularly hilarious, as is the moment when GaGa comes back into the room and we realize the boys were going at it alone.

    Seth has a Really? segment dedicated to Ahhhnold.
    Bradley Cooper (the real one) shows up with Nicholas Cage (the fake one.)
    Joke highlights:
    [Please note this joke did not make the Hulu highlights, so it may not be verbatim.] “A babysitter was arrested after accidentally giving a child margarine laced with marijuana. It must be that new product, I Can’t Believe It’s Pot Margarine.”

    “A new trend on the internet is photos of people planking, which is the act of lying face down, keeping one’s body stiff when balancing on top of something… or, what Protestants call sex.”

    Seth and Stefon end the Update walking into the horizon together.
    Also- no Rapture jokes?

    Celebrity Edition! Lady GaGa proves she remembers everyone who she ever speaks to, while Justin has some awkward moments, forgetting the names of a chick he slept with the week before and Chris Kirkpatrick, his *Nsync band member.

    Also, a frustruating missed joke opportunity- Justin goes on a rant, saying that he loves his fans, but he simply can’t remember every single person he spends two minutes with. I expected the host to make a sly comment about the “two minutes,” seeing as one of the surprise guests was a sexual conquest of his.

    A reprise of the Jim Carrey sketch, in which a couple gets stuck in a ride with creepy puppets, except the puppets are overcome with feelings of lust and love.

    Same basic deal, with Kristin Wiig as a Broadway actress, except, for one, the other guest- Justin Timberlake as a (quite sexy) hypnotist- is equally- or, perhaps, more- eccentric.

    I don’t usually recap musical performances, but GaGa actually came out of an egg, became pregnant and go into labor in the time it took to perform one song. She ended the song on a gynecologist chair, spread-legged, with either liquid or glitter being poured on her.

    I feared they would not reprise the Barry Gibbs Talk Show, but it finally happened. They saved it until the last sketch. Those sneaky devils. Barry shows off his rug of love, implies he is a werewolf, and finally gives us our rapture joke.

    During the goodbyes, Bradley Cooper and Justin Timberlake hug. Yummy.

    This was a fantastic episode. Justin never disappoints. He should honestly quit all his careers and just join SNL.

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