Saturday Night Live: Sarah Silverman as Joan Rivers, ISIS, Ebola, Vitamix and more (Videos)

Sarah Silverman as Joan Rivers on SNLTo say this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live was better than last week’s season opener would be a sever understatement. Last night veteran comedian Sarah Silverman led SNL to a consistently entertaining, funny and smart show. Let’s hope the show can maintain the rest of the season. The cold open for SNL‘s second episode of its historic 40th season was decidedly more political — and decidedly better executed — than las week’s flub-filled NFL themed effort. This week, we find Beck Bennett as 60 Minutes reporter Steve Kroft interviewing President Barack Obama (Jay Pharoah) about the recent actions of Islamic terrorist organization ISIS. You’d be hard pressed to find another SNL sketch so critical of Barack Obama and his administration. Check it out.

What followed the cold open was one of Saturday Night Live‘s best monologue’s in recent history– and we have Sarah Silverman to thank for it. Returning to SNL after 20 years (she was a featured performer in the 1990s for a short time), Silverman flipped the script, by grabbing a handheld mic and going into the audience to mock mentor an unsuspecting 32-year-old audience member named Lindsey. At least I hope she was unsuspecting. If she wasn’t, she’s a great actress. Check it out below.

I haven’t done a search online yet to see if there’s been any outrage about SNL‘s parody movie trailer last night, but I can’t imagine come Monday morning we won’t see a few editorials about it. Based on this past summer’s gut-wrenching Shailene Woodley flick The Fault in Our Stars, wherein Woodley plays an in-love cancer patient, Sarah Silverman and Taran Killam star in a trailer for The Fault in Our Stars 2: The Ebola in Our Everything. Potentially offensive to most staight-laced Americans scared about contracting the incredibly hard-to-get Ebola? Yep. Hilarious because if we don’t laugh about it we’ll stay in our rooms curled up in the fetal position rocking back and forth? Absolutely. Check it out below.

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The first proper sketch of the night found Sarah Silverman playing her friend, mentor and iconic comedian Joan Rivers, who died on Sept. 4. We find Rivers hosting a roast in heaven, slinging jokes at everyone from Ben Franklin to Lucille Ball to Freddie Mercury (played by Maroon 5 frontman and musical guest Adam Levine). Though Silverman stumbled on a few jokes, the sentiment and concept of the sketch made it a success.

Following the Rivers tribute was the second pre-recorded segment of the night– this time an inspirational PSA of sorts for white people– because whites know they’re time at the top won’t be forever. Accompanied by the Train hit “Soul Sister,” it could’ve easily been a Maroon 5 song, who are just as white and awful as Train. But I guess Adam Levine’s sense of humor is as bad as you’d expect. Check out the Whites sketch below.

Kenan Thompson followed up the Whites sketch as host of Forgotten TV Gems, Reese De’what. On this episode, De’what reviews a show called Supportive Women, the only serial drama in which women don’t revel in backstabbing one another. Silverman stars and is joined by Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant, Taran Killam and Kate McKinnon in a series of scenes that all end in absurdly positive ways. Seamlessly executed, this sketch was a success.

Weekend Update kicked off a lot a stronger this week than it did during SNL‘s premiere last weekend, with new co-anchor Michael Che delivering lines more confidently. In the clip below Kenan Thompson shows up as the Rev. Jesse Jackson to opine on the recent security breaches at the White House. Co-anchor Colin Jost and Che also debate about the words used by black and white people and the new female Thor character, the latter of which featured Sarah Silverman and Kate McKinnon as feminist folk music duo Garage And Her.

A third taped sketch followed Weekend Update. Titled “Poem” and starring Sarah Silverman, Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett, it pokes fun at the romantic comedy trope wherein a man and woman finish each other’s sentences and that equals a true connection. Things go absurdly awry, however, Mooney and Bennett’s characters have their own special connection.

The final live sketch is a hilarious take on the Vitamix craze. Starring Sarah Silverman and Vanessa Bayer as suburban, yoga pants-wearing frenemies, things get intense when the price of the popular blender is revealed. Check it out!

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