• ‘Saturday Night Live’ Seattle Seahawks Parody Better Than Key And Peele’s? Watch Video As ‘SNL’ Mocks Richard Sherman And Marshawn Lynch (VIDEO)

    Key Peele Seattle Seahawks

    After Saturday Night Live tackled the Deflategate controversy surrounding the New England Patriots last week, it was a given that they would mock the Pats’ Super Bowl opponent the day before the big game. So last night’s episode featured a spoof of perhaps the two most-talked-about players of the Seattle Seahawks, the chatty Richard Sherman and the media-defiant Marshawn Lynch. It came just days after Key & Peele produced a similar spoof for its Super Bowl special.

    The Seahawks sketch on SNL featured a mock talk show called Super Bowl Shutdown, starring Sherman (played by Jay Pharoah) and Lynch (Kenan Thompson).  As “Sherman” asked “Lynch” basic questions,  the running back simply responded, “Thank you for asking me that” (just as the real Lynch did during a press conference back in December).

    “Sherman” then turned his attention to mocking someone who had “already lost,” namely New York City Major Bill DeBlasio. DeBlasio has been criticized for shutting down the city before Winter Storm Juno, which dropped less than a foot of snow in NYC.

    “De Blasio!” Pharoah yelled in the Saturday Night Live skit with Sherman’s signature intensity. “Yeah, I’m talking to you. You a punk-[expletive] mayor! You call that the biggest snowstorm in the history of New York? I’ve seen bigger blizzards at Dairy Queen. And you seriously trying to shut down the whole city because of that? You better learn: The only way you shut down a whole city is you put Richard Sherman on it. Boom! I went to Stanford!”

    Meanwhile, Thompson-as-Marshawn-Lynch would only give shoutouts and promote Skittles, in this SNL Seahawks parody. This left “Sherman” to mock Deflategate some more before introducing Seattle coach Pete Carroll (Taran Killam). But “Carroll” refused to engage in any Patriots trash talk. Instead he just chomped down on some gum while threatening to give the New England players “firm handshakes” during the Super Bowl.

    Yet while this Seahawks Saturday Night Live sketch was spot-on, it might not have been the best parody of Sherman and Lynch to air last week. Comedy Central stars Key & Peele did a similar skit as part of their Super Bowl special.

    But instead of having the Seahawks stars host a talk show, the Comedy Central sketch featured “Sherman” (played by Keegan-Michael Key) and “Lynch  (Jordan Peele) at a joint press conference. “Sherman” would not stop ranting about the Oscar nominations, while “Lynch” only repeated the phrase “biscuits and gravy.” At least until the end, when “Lynch” proved surprisingly knowledgeable about a key difference between the Into The Woods stage show and movie.

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    Melissa Siegel

    Melissa Siegel is a writer and journalist based in a suburb of New York City.

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