• Sebastian Maniscalco is extra expressive in Netflix trailer

    Netflix shared a trailer for Sebastian Maniscalco’s new stand-up special—and he is more expressive than ever.  Stay Hungry premieres on January 15 and Maniscalco will tackle spin classes, pregnancy photoshoots, and wedding dances.

    Maniscalco has been tearing up the comedy scene for over two decades with big act outs and an old-school Italian-American flair. He addresses everyday topics with exuberance and energy that few can even dream of matching. He is a seasoned comic and a huge draw, even if his name might not always come up in the same conversation as stand-up stars like Amy Schumer and Bill Burr. Last year he reportedly made $15 million as one of the highest paid comics of 2018. He effortlessly sells out theaters and has four other hour specials to his name. 

    Aren’t You Embarrassed is his only other special available on Netflix.                                                                                                                               

    Maniscalco was Just for Laughs Comedian of the Year in 2016 and will appear in the upcoming Martin Scorcese movie The Irishman as Crazy Joe Gallo, which is also set to be released on Netflix later this year.

    2019 is set to be a big year for the Chicago comic, but surely it will not be as big as he is. Check out Stay Hungry January 15!

    Lucien Formichella

    Lucien is a comic and journalist based out of New York City. He also freelances for The Observer. He loves eating. Twitter: @lucien_form

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