• Seth MacFarlane’s American Dad will return to TBS for 12th season

    American Dad isn’t going anywhere. Seth MacFarlane’s animated comedy series about a government agent father has been renewed by TBS for a 12th season. Season 11 premiered to 2.5 million viewers on its first night at its new home. American Dad has jumped to different networks and followed a similar journey as its predecessor Family Guy. It originally aired on Fox in 2005. Fox cancelled the series in July 2013 but was quickly saved by TBS, receiving a 15-episode season order.

    Seth MacFarlane’s first witty quick-hitting show Family Guy does not have a clean broadcast history at Fox. It premiered on Fox in 1999, but lost nearly half of its audience by the end of its first season. After irregularly airing episodes during season 2, Fox cancelled the Griffin clan in 2000 before changing its mind yet again and ordered a third season. Failing to capture an audience, Fox cancelled the show and sold reruns to Cartoon Network where the animated series blew up, in addition to DVD sales. Fox realized the show’s popularity and brought it back in 2005 where it has lived on ever since.

    MacFarlane has parlayed Family Guy success into American Dad, The Cleveland Show and the upcoming Fox animated series Bordertown. He even created, wrote, directed and starred in the blockbuster R-rated comedy Ted with Mark Wahlberg, whose sequel comes out in 2015.

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    Billy Procida

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