• 6 Times Seth Meyers Won Saturday Night Live

    Seth Meyers is coming back to host Saturday Night Live this week after leaving the cast in 2014. We think that’s pretty awesome! In 13 years on the show, Meyers was a cast member, a Weekend Update host, and served as head writer for almost nine years. While he left the show to replace Jimmy Fallon at Late Night, his time on SNL gave birth to iconic sketches, timeless characters, and unforgettable moments. Here are six times Meyers crushed on SNL.

    6. Michael Caine

    Meyers was better at impressions on the show than most people remember. He often played the straight man in classic sketches like Appalachian Emergency Room or Pranksters, but when he did impressions he was always spot on. The Late Night host played iconic roles such as Anderson Cooper, Ryan Seacrest, and Carrot Top. His Michael Caine impression, however, is one of the funniest impressions of the era.

    5. He and Amy Poehler were the funniest dysfunctional couple on TV

    Meyers often played opposite Poehler, but before their Weekend Update days, they often played a couple. Many will remember an early digital short where they spoofed a pregnancy test commercial playing two college students who had a one night stand. The two also played recurring characters of a couple who should obviously get divorced. Originally the couple was called the Harrisons and were later renamed the Needlers, but no matter their name their trademark was always the same: make everyone else in the scene incredibly uncomfortable through their intense passive aggression.

    4. Anytime he was doing an Irish accent

    Gone are the SNL days where a whole sketch is set around a drunk Irishman stereotype, but Meyers used to bring this simple premise to multiple sketches. While it might seem too easy now, Meyers played these perfectly. From You Call This a House Do Ya?—an Irish home makeover show hosted by Buildin’ Finn McQuinn—to the Irish-themed morning show Top O’ the Morning, Meyers makes us wish we had more Irish accents on TV.

    3. He wrote some of Tina Fey’s most iconic lines

    Meyers was a great sketch writer above everything else. He probably had a hand in one of your favorite modern classics. The NBC host wrote the often-quoted Girls parody featuring Tina Fey as an Albanian newcomer to Greenpoint. Maybe most iconically, Meyers wrote the line “I can see Russia from my house,” that Tina would make famous with her Emmy-winning Sarah Palin impression.

    2. That one time he upstaged Stefon

    Stefon was a character popularized on Weekend Update by Bill Hader and largely written by John Mulaney. Stefan, a gay party promoter, would always steal the scene and Meyers was always the perfect—pardon the pun—straight man. But when Hader left the show in 2013, he plays the Stefon character one final time telling Meyers he is getting married and leaves. Meyers runs out of Rockefeller Center to the streets of New York and into a church to break up Stefon’s wedding to Anderson Cooper. The two joyously run through a sea of Stefon’s previously-thought-to-be imaginary characters and back to set where Meyers introduces them as Seth and Stefon Meyers. Aww!

    1. Really? With Seth and Amy

    In 2006, Meyers became the co-anchor of Weekend Update after his co-head writer, Tina Fey, left the show. While the nature of Weekend Update makes it so many jokes do not stand the test of time, “Really?” has been burned into our collective consciousness. The bit is almost too simple. Amy Poehler and Meyers would just say the word “really” in more and more sarcastic tones as they read the news. Meyers seems to have even taken a version of this bit to his late night career with a recurring segment featuring one of his writers, Amber Ruffin, saying the word “what” called simply, Amber Says What.

    Watch Seth Meyers return to Saturday Night Live October 13. For now, enjoy this overproduced voice over.

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