Seth Rogen’s movie This is the End has a red band trailer with Danny McBride, James Franco, more! (Video)

For the better part of the last year, we’ve been getting glimpses of a little movie called This is the End, which was written by Seth Rogen and longtime friend and collaborator Evan Goldberg. It features an incredibly long list of stars: Rogen is joined in the film by the likes of Aziz Ansari, Kevin Hart, Danny McBride, Jason Segel, James Franco, Craig Robinson, Mindy Kaling, Martin Starr, Emma Watson, David Krumholtz, Rihanna, Paul Rudd, Michael Cera and Jay Baruchel.

And here’s the twist: Everyone plays themselves. In fact, the story is centered around the stars attending a party at James Franco’s house when somehow the apocalypse befalls them. The movie hits theaters June 14, 2013, but a teaser was just released. And you should probably watch it. Let us know what you think!

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