• Seven videos to get you all excited for the new Muppets movie

    The first video you’re about to watch below is only the second official trailer for The Muppets, the live-action comedy flick starring Jason Segel and Amy Adams that hits theaters Nov. 23. But, if you count all the promotional videos Walt Disney Pictures have already plopped on the Internets, this is the 2,343rd . That’s true. Anyway, here’s the new trailer, along with six other videos to get you totally fucking stoked for The Muppets.

    Here’s the original trailer:

    Here’s a “teaser” called “Green With Envy.” It’s different from a trailer. It’s a “teaser.” It’s NOT a trailer, ok?

    This is a teaser titled “Being Green.” It’s not about Ralph Nader:

    Oh, and here’s the “Fuzzy Pack” teaser:

    And here’s a video some of the Muppets did to tell everyone sitting in an AMC theater to shut the fuck up.

    And here’s Miss Piggy being all Missy Piggy-like.

    I figure Disney has time to roll out about 300 more of these things before the movie hits theaters next month.

    Dylan P. Gadino

    Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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