SMOSH takes on Every Horror Movie Ever (VIDEO)

Just in time for Halloween, SMOSH has released Every Horror Movie, a parody of horror movie tropes and cliches. Check it out!

From the press release:

SMOSH – YouTube’s #1 comedy brand, hailed by TIME Magazine as the “SNL of the Internet” – today released the newest episode, about scary movies, in their “Every ___ Ever” series.

As a genre, scary movies have always earned a strong showing in the box office for thrill seekers looking for gore and suspense. This summer alone, four horror films cracked the $100 million mark in global ticket sales. But among the creative standouts, there are admittedly many flops lacking creativity.

The new video tackles the same, tired plotlines we’ve seen over and over again in horror flicks, including:
· Why are virgins immune to serial killers?
· Why do black guys die first?
· What’s the logic behind splitting up in the woods?


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