SNL 40: Steve Martin catches Martin Short ‘doing Coke’ backstage (PHOTO)

Martin Short doing CokeIn what could have been the most apt maneuver of Sunday’s Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special, Martin Short decided to do a little Coke backstage, maybe hoping to settle his jangled nerves before performing. Unfortunately for him – but fortunately for us – old pal Steve Martin was there to capture the moment on camera. And of course, no celebrity faux pas would be complete without the insta-humiliation of the viral Facebook share.

Did we mention the Coke in question was consumed in can form? Perhaps a straw or two was involved, we don’t know. But what we do know is, given the long history of untimely and drug-saturated deaths that have plagued the halls of studio 8H, it’s something of a relief to see evidence of behind-the-scenes partying that involves carbonation, not intoxication.

But what’s even better is the clear camaraderie between two beloved comedic heavyweights. It’s hard to tell if Short is posing or the shot is legitimately candid, but either way, we’re smiling so much it hurts. Tack this one on to the ever-expanding list of reasons why the SNL talent factory has been in business for this many years.

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Emma Kat Richardson

Emma Kat Richardson is a Detroit native and freelance writer living in Austin, Texas. Her work has appeared in, Bitch, Alternative Press, Real Detroit Weekly, 944, and She’s enough of a comedy nerd and cat lady to have named her Maine Coon Michael Ian Cat. Follow her on twitter: @emmakat.

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