• SNL recap: Zach Galifianakis’ fearless awkwardness shines through

    Sports fans, political buffs, media followers and Hollywood gossip addicts… nobody was left wanting by this week’s cold open on Saturday Night Live, hosted by Zach Galifianakis. Great premise, great writing, great delivery. Check it out!

    Hipsters got their taste next, as Galifianakis returned with his fearless awkwardness, concise self-mockery and, indeed, another fantastic song performance. Lip synced… wearing what? Endorsing… what? Oh, let’s just say that you don’t want to skip this.

    It’s been a long time… way too long… since we’ve gotten a dose of Scared Straight! That friendly, well-meaning officer (Jason Sudeikis) turned again to our old pal Lorenzo MacIntosh (Kenan Thompson) for help. But even with the help of his new jail buddy, Hannibal Lechter-esque “cousin” Larry “Creepy Guy” Bernstein (Galifianakis), those three always-wayward teens (Bobby Moynahan, Andy Samberg and Bill Hader) saw through the not-so-subtle movie references and sexual threats.

    And here’s a truly unexpected twist: Samberg dialed back the bizarre in this week’s digital short, eschewed the outta nowhere cameos and went for simple and straight-forward even with the production. The result, Zach Looks for a New Assistant, isn’t likely to go viral. But even though it wound up more adorable than hilarious, it’s worth one view at least.

    In the final sketch, Galifianakis went turn-of-the-century drag in a sketch that had a better set design and cast delivery than the script or especially the punch line deserved.

    But even then, he wasn’t quite done. In an effort to outdo shaving his signature beard off the last time he hosted, this time, Galifianakis delivered his end-of-show thank yous with his head shaved into a Mohawk. “Unfortunately we did not get to the Mr. T sketch… a real bummer if you ask me.”

    The show’s on hiatus until April 2, when it returns with host and musical guest Elton John. (Can we get a Cee-Lo impersonation?)

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