• South Park strikes against Amazon working conditions (Video)

    South Park is taking another shot at Amazon on this week’s show. In the all-new episode titled Bike Parade, an Amazon fulfillment center opens in the small town of South Park and working conditions cause a strike. The episode will be airing on Wednesday, December 12 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

    Back in 2004, South Park lampooned Wallmart and the damage to local businesses that the megastore causes and now, in 2018, they have set their sights on Amazon. The company has long been the center of scandals stemming from their working conditions. Last week’s South Park, called Unfulfilled, also centered on the topic of Amazon’s dangerous work environment.

    Last week’s episode aired under a day after an incident where a can of bear mace got punctured by a robot at an Amazon fulfillment center causing 24 workers to have to go to the hospital. As always, the South Park episode felt extremely timely.

    In its impressive 22 seasons, the show has gone after everything from Muhammad to the n-word. The show has never been shy about making a statement. They have done episodes about police protests, child molestation, and Scientology. No topic has ever seemed to be off-limits for the comedy show to tackle.

    This week South Park is sticking to the Amazon plot and taking the narrative further by depicting a workers’ strike. Amazon has had several strikes in real life this year including a mass strike across Europe to protest working conditions during Black Friday.

    You can watch a clip from the all-new episode below, complete with boxes, Alexas, and Jeff Bezos himself.

    Rosa Escandon

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