• Spike TV’s Don Rickles ‘One Night Only’ live blog

    Wyatt Cenac at the Don Rickles tributeHey, all we’re live from the Apollo Theater in New York watching the filming of Spike TV’s One Night Only tribute to the legendary Don Rickles. We just got done chatting up celebs and funny folks on the red carpet — actually it was black, white and gray — and now we’re ready to get to the main event. Keep refreshing this page to get up-to-date updates from the Don Rickles tribute! And look, here’s a photo of me interviewing the mighty Wyatt Cenac!

    8:20 pm — After some brief comments from the president of Spike TV Kevin Kay, the show begins with a video message from one of Rickles’ closest friends and an icon in his own right, BOB NEWHART! A living comedic legend honoring another living legend.

    8:30 — Jerry Seinfeld is on stage at the Apollo telling Don Rickles stories and paying tribute like a boss! Seinfeld says there’s four faces on the Mt. Rushmore of Comedy: Bill Cosby, George Carlin, Richard Pryor and DON RICKLES. “What Don Rickles does takes three things: Talent, Timing and Testicles.”

    8:41 — Jon Stewart takes the stage to let the crowd know that Don Rickles has given young comedians hope. “He is comedy. He is what we all aspire to be– a man who does what he loves. And he’s done it for 55 years.”

    8:54 — Brian Williams, former newsman talked for a long time but more importantly he rolled a clip package of some of Don Rickles’ best moments on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. And there were many. Can’t wait for you guys to see this when it airs in three weeks!

    9:04 — Johnny Depp just got off stage after doing something that I simply can’t explain. There was a lot of rambling and lot of impromptu music cues. Guess you’ll have to wait to see it on Spike TV.

    9:10 — Tracy Morgan told a heartwarming story about Don Rickles sending him flowers in the hospital after his kidney transplant a few years ago. I’m pretty sure Morgan actually teared up a bit. But Morgan also found time to drop a Donald Sterling jab: “If I owned a team like the LA Clippers who lost for 30 years, I’d hate black people too.”

     9:35 —  Robert DeNiro on his buddy Don Rickles: “Don is something rare. A true friend, a wonderful human being. If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be able to get away with being such an asshole.”

    9:56 — Tina Fey and Amy Poehler just unleashed an amazingly sharp mini-roast of Rickles. Surely the highlight of the tribute so far.

    10:14 — Rickles is on stage now destroying it. I won’t ruin it for you. I’m going to sign off. Thanks for reading!

    Dylan P. Gadino

    Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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