• Sponsored video: Alfonso Ribeiro dances his way to a Klondike bar

    Isn’t it wonderful when the powers that be give you control over a celebrity’s actions? Joel McHale (along with his ice penguin and his frozen man-friend) gave you the power to make Carlton Alfonso Ribeiro do anything for a Klondike bar. “And you abused that power…wonderfully,” the Community star tells us in a new video from the people at Klondike.

    The people have spoken and they demanded that Ribeiro “show off some sweet dance moves.” After a couple of decades of being ordered to mimic his cheesy Fresh Prince of Bel Air character’s signature dance move, the Spell-mageddon host showed us some new and improved dance moves.

    Advertising his fake book, Alfonso Ribeiro: Still Dancin’, he guarantees you that he’ll have you getting noticed on the dance floor, even if he is not necessarily the one teaching you the sweet dance moves. Ribeiro employs the help of his much more talented dance-double to illustrate his custom dance steps. The poor guy just wants a fresh, mint Klondike bar. Give him a break.

    The Klondike Celebrity Challenge is a series of user-generated challenges hosted by Joel McHale to see just how badly Hollywood stars want their frozen tasty treats. They’ve proven that they will jump through all sorts of hoops just to get a bite. If you want to challenge a celebrity to earn their snack, ”like’ Klondike on Facebook and click ‘Celebrity Challenge’ to get in on the action.

    In the meantime, check out the video below to see Carlton do the, well, you know…

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