Sponsored videos: Messy snacks and dry-wit laughs

We’re pretty sure GE executives have been holed up in a dark room with nothing but their laptops, watching hours and hours of Adult Swim– or, at least every episode of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Why do we think that? Well, we just watched a trio of videos, which are part of their new Web series Stunning Feats of Laundry, and, let’s just say, the humor is not the same employed on, say, the typical CBS sitcom. We’d like to believe GE’s decision to create oddball, deadpan situations to engage its customers is part of a larger trend in comedy, wherein punch lines need not be served up every three seconds and a one-line joke or a simple facial gesture is enough to tickle the discerning consumer.

In these videos, however, dry wit is combined with a bit of physical humor. Here’s what we mean. In the first video, we find a gentleman eating a sloppy meatball sub. He’s donned in all white and, naturally he’s seated on a mechanical bull. Let’s watch.

In the next clip, a kindly woman is desperately trying to assemble some delicious nachos. While part of us wants her to just finish, there’s another part of us that can’t wait to see her plans joyfully destroyed. Check it out.

And, finally in perhaps a nod to Jack Black’s turn in the 2006 flick Nacho Libre, a Mexican wrestler and a diminutive jockey (as if there’s any other kind) bounce on a trampoline. The twist is, the jockey is trying to make a wheatgrass smoothie. As you can imagine, things don’t go well. Here it is.

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