• Stand-up comedy station hits terrestrial radio

    24/7 RadioWhen you hop in your car and turn up the radio (the old-school kind), do you ever feel like something’s missing? Maybe an all-stand-up-comedy station, for instance? Well, if you happen to live within broadcasting range of KFNY 1440 AM (Riverside, CA), fret no more.

    The radio station has become the first affiliate for 24/7 Comedy Radio, a new concept that is “fast-paced, hit-oriented, and has mass appeal, with continuous stand-up comedy from comedians like Dane Cook, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld and Jeff Foxworthy, along with the newest comedians targeting a young adult audience,” said Jon Zellner, Senior VP of Programming at Clear Channel, who owns KFNY.

    Gone are the days of paying for a premium XM or Sirius subscription to get access to comedy radio…if you live in Riverside. The rest of us will just have sit patiently while we wait for more radio networks to pick up on this promising new station.

    Do you think this format will work?

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