• Star Wars, Louis C.K. mashup with Chewbacca is amazing! (Video)

    Nerdist has won the internet. At least for today.

    In celebration of Louie CK’s self-titled FX series Season 5 debut this month, (and not to mention the 2015 Star Wars Celebration went on this past weekend in California) the digital geek haven featured a brilliant video, one Star Wars and Louie fans alike can call the mash-up to end all mash-ups.

    It’s called Chewie and in any galaxy, especially those far, far away, it is simply spectacular.

    The parody stars Ruby Rinesko in the titular role, a well-known New York-based cosplayer who has regularly toured science fiction and comic conventions since 2005. He is also credited as creating the costumes and production design for the short film. Rinesko started his cosplay career as a member of the Star Wars charity costume communities of the 501st and Rebel Legion, and is also a veteran and original member of the KISS tribute band, KISSNATION.

    For more about Rinesko, or to simply give him some positive feedback for this awesome video, check out his Facebook page here.

    What makes this short so perfect? Notice how Rinesko skillfully encapsulates Louie’s utter dread in going to the Comedy Cellar to perform another another set. The road-weariness seen in Louie’s eyes and body language is superbly depicted by Rinesko’s own floppy, lackadaisical mannerisms and strides. Also, both characters have stories to tell — and though Chewie’s tales are much more fantastical, both beings have been run through the mill during their long and tenuous careers. It’s unclear if Rinesko intentionally performed this but whatever the case, he found a way to masterfully mimic the overall tone of Louie’s complex character in just under a minute.

    But now, behold — Chewie. Coming to FX Fall 2016. (We can dream, can’t we?)

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    Nicholas C. Martinez

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