• Stephen Colbert buys TheSarahPalinChannel.com, hilariously destroys Sarah Palin (Video)

    Sarah Palin 2If Sarah Palin launches her own online news channel called The Sarah Palin Channel you know that Stephen Colbert is going to have plenty to say about it. And last night on The Colbert Report, our favorite fake conservative pundit said a lot. Segueing from another story, Colbert began, “Let’s turn to something that evidently will never die and cannot be destroyed…Sarah Palin” to huge applause from the studio audience.

    “I have always been a huge fan of Sarah Palin,” Colbert continued. “She’s a strong leader with a proven history of selflessness. In the midst of her 2008 campaign, she took the time to help out a struggling senior with severely impaired judgment,” referencing her vice presidential run under presidential nominee John McCain. “And this week, in her continued quest to remind American’s of her existence, Palin announced an exciting new project,” Colbert said, tossing to a video of Palin explaining The Sarah Palin Channel.

    “This is all part of Sarah’s continuing mission to protect our freedoms at any cost— specifically $9.95 a month,” Colbert says. “Sure, that’s more than Netflix, but it’s just as good as House of Cards with even more threatening monologues into the camera.” But the segment wasn’t complete until Colbert surprised viewers with his own bit of news—Colbert purchased the url TheSarahPalinChannel.com; the former governor’s site is SarahPalinChannel.com. We’re not sure who the hell is advising her, but Web devlopment 101 dictates you buy the url you’re going to use as well as all obvious variations— you know, so Stephen Colbert actually has to work a little in order to make you look like the fool we all know you are.

    As of now, TheSarahPalinChannel.com lives on a Tumblr page with the tag line: “The only Sarah Palin Channel on the internet with a definite article in the address!” Then there’s a link to Colbert Report’s June 6, 2011 segment “Paul Revere’s Famous Ride,” wherein Colbert hilariously unloads on Palin after the former Alaska governor proved during an interview that she didn’t really understand what Paul Revere actually did. Check out last night’s full Colbert Report segment below!

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